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This week we were fortunate enough to get an interview with Jason Cohen of Analytical Flavor System. Listen to the podcast!
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In previous Spotlights, we have taken an in-depth look at each startup to get an understanding of how the product looks and feels.  Today will be our first Spotlight where we cannot get hands on look at the tool; mainly due to the fact that I don’ brew and bottle my own beer.  Perhaps in the future we will need to change that!

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Company Facts

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Founder Info

Founder: Jason Cohen

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Platform: Android, iOS
Development Tools:

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Today’s conversation takes place with Jason Cohen of Analytical Flavor Systems.  In his college days, Jason had set up focus and tasting groups to identify different notes in different beverages.  This was the beginning of Analytical Flavor Systems and their first product.

Gastrograph was created to provide quality control for beverage makers.  There are many different off flavors that can exist and ruin batches of beer, or other beverages and breweries want to ensure that quality consistent.

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Speaking with Jason and learning about the purpose of Analytical Flavor Systems; how one slightly off taste can ruin you batch (even if the taste is not a bad taste).  When it comes to a beverage, the drinker wants to ensure that each sip is the same as the last.  The beverage market is crowded and being good is simply not good enough.

Listen to our chat with Jason and learn more about taste and Analytical Flavor System!

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