This week we got an interview with DK and Matt from Resolvd. Take a listen to the podcast!

We live busy lives.  Between our work life, home life, and potential startup life, how do you keep yourself organized?  There are many different ways to help you manage your tasks, ranging from simple calendar apps to dedicated tools that are built for task management.  Finding the mix between efficiency and ease of use is not simple, and many people jump from app to app trying to find what works for them.

Company Facts

Founded: Aug. 2016

Founder Info

Dmytro Kovalenko
Matt Jacobs


Platform: Web
Development Tools:

Resolvd is making task management easier by implementing machine learning “Smart” tools that help users worry less about what needs to get done and focus more on accomplishing the tasks.  Today we are talking with co-founders Dmytro and Matt.

The podcast covers topics such as the Resolvd roadmap, marketing strategies, beta feedback, and how the team got founded. Resolvd has an interesting dynamic at play – Dymtro is from Ukraine and Matt is from Texas. Finding an overseas co-founder is a great approach to finding someone to work with when you are having trouble connecting with people at home. Listen to the podcast to learn how the two met and how they work together on a day to day basis.

Resolvd is a professional task manager app for designers and developers that allow tech teams to increase their productivity during the product making the process by focusing on execution. Increasing productivity is accomplished by incorporating the Smart Engine and Smart Filter that automate many of the tasks that are typically done manually.

The team wants to build a tool that just works. With enough time spent in other task management tools, there was a frustration of spending more time on entering, updating, and keeping track of your tasks rather than working on getting your tasks done. We talk about the thought process and user testing that has been done to ensure that Resolvd is solving the issues that current apps face.

You can subscribe to the Resolvd beta today and learn more about the tool as well as the features it has to offer at