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Jói Sigurdsson joins the podcast to talk about CrankWheel. Take a listen to the podcast!

Company Information

CrankWheel provides specialized screen sharing and lead capture for professional software sales teams.

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Company Facts

Founded: Feb 2015

Founder Info

Jói Sigurdsson


Platform: Web
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Podcast Notes

Jói joins Greg today on the Startup Spotlight to talk about his startup CrankWheel. He shares stories of startup ideas, finding what works in the marketplace, and asking the right questions all lead to creating a product that people will use. Hear Jói startup story by listening to the podcast above!

Demos are the lifeblood of SaaS companies; when someone shows interest in your product, you want to get in front of them ASAP! CrankWheel makes it easy for end users to get a demo of your product. No more sending calendar invites, downloading software, and waiting on hold. Jói and co-founder Gilsi found a quicker and easier solution to showing the people what they want.

Jói tells us details of becoming an entrepreneur and how, once you go through the process, it becomes addicting, one you’ll want to return to over and over again. This feeling is what pulled Jói back into the startup world. After brainstorming and shooting down a couple of ideas, the idea for CrankWheel came to him. Gilsi pushed Jói to talk to people sooner than later, to get input from people on the concept.

Validating an idea is a process that we talk about often on the Startup Spotlight. Gain unbias feedback on your startup by talking to outsiders, not people you see on a daily basis. This will help you shape your idea to one that can scale to many people. Jói started talking to people before even a line of code was written. He was able to confirm what was needed before even getting started!

Hear more of Jói story by listening to the podcast above. Learn more about CrankWheel at