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Company Information

Be a DJ! Set up a private room with friends or join a public room with members of the JQBX community.

Discover new tracks for every taste and mood.

Make your voice heard! Vote on songs and chat with friends in real time.

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Company Facts

Founded: Apr. 2017
URL: http://jqbx.fm
Facebook: JQBX

Founder Info

Jason Zigelbaum


Platform: Web
Development Tools:
React Native

Podcast Notes

Jason Zigelbaum, creator of JQBX, joins the podcast today to talk about his music platform and how he is connecting people via music. Jason and Greg talk music, the power of sharing songs you love, and how he wants to continue to build out the JQBX platform. Listen to the podcast to hear his startup story.

Music helps connect people. Hearing a song from when you were a child, hearing a new song from your favorite group, or a new group altogether; music can create a joy within and help pick you up when you are down.

The problem with many music platforms is that we listen to the same songs over and over again. Is your Pandora queue set precisely to the songs you like, which in return just play those over and over again? When’s the last time you ventured to find a new band?

JQBX wants to help you find new music and bands. Creating a room where other people can DJ and queue up music. Sit back and listen to what the DJ’s have to play, or jump on stage and rock out with some of your favorite tunes. While not the first of its kind, JQBX has taken notes from platforms before it to create an easy to listen to and use platform that integrates with Spotify.

Check out JQBX at http://jqbx.fm and start finding new music to listen to today.