This week we got an interview with David Attard of BeeWits. Hear their startup story now!

Company Information

Manage your web design projects better!

BeeWits is the new way of organizing projects where you spend less time managing and more time creating.

Awesome web projects need awesome teams – but keeping everyone in the loop can be a headache. The team has re-imagined the web project management scenario, keeping everyone from web designers and developers to agencies and clients in sync.

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Company Facts

Founded: Sept. 2015
Twitter: @BeeWitsApp

Founder Info

Ed Azzopardi
Richard Azzopardi
David Attard
Teri Camilleri


Platform: Web
Development Tools:

Podcast Notes

David Attard joins Greg on the DailySpin Startup Spotlight to discuss BeeWits. The platform was created to provide templates for easily repeatable services that need to be completed multiple times. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, specific tasks need to be done the same way every time. BeeWits gives you an easy to use templates so that all the checks and balances are performed each time.

On the podcast, the conversation covers how the idea was formed by individuals working at an agency and how they want to continue to see it evolve. For the companies that need to build website templates, or post different ads to Facebook, there are templates for many of your everyday tasks.

David and the BeeWits team take pride in their work and give every aspect of the tool and service the attention they deserve. We discuss how it is mentioned quite often that content is king. The thing many people fail to realize is that it is not how much content you put out there, but more importantly, the quality of that content. One blog post once a month that is of excellent quality is far superior to a new blog post once a week that doesn’t put the effort in their research.

Learn more how the BeeWits templates can help companies of any size.  From training to everyday steps, you can start to make it easier to scale out your operations. Check out the blog at and learn more about the company at