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Briona Gallagher of Design Wizard joins the podcast today. Take a listen and hear their startup story!

Company Information

Design Wizard is online graphic design software that couldn’t have come at a better time. It seems like everyone is creating visual content in one way or another! So far, the majority of our users are marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers and just regular, everyday people.

Most designs are being used for online purposes like social media, but our print versions are hugely popular too, especially invitations, greeting cards, flyers, and posters.

Delivering this volume of information can be confusing and competitive. The standard of visual content is rising by the day and in order to stand out, you must keep up! Our software is the solution to this problem. Design Wizard means that high-skill level designs can be created by everyone.

With over one million copyright images, over fifteen thousand templates and an amazing team who put the long hours in so our users don’t have to. Our aim is to inspire, to make the design process simple, fast and affordable. Users can pick a template from our ever-growing library, tailor it to their needs and share it on whatever platform they want. Design has never been easier.

Company Facts

Founded: Nov. 2016
Twitter: @getdesignwizard
FacebookDesign Wizard
Instagram: Design Wizard

Founder Info

Sean Prior


Platform: Web
Development Tools:


Looking to find your brands image or create an eye-catching ad on social media? Design Wizard was nice enough to offer all Startup Spotlight listeners free credits to get started!

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